The Weather Shares Team

Tom Chisholm: Portfolio Manager


With several decades of broadcast news experience with an emphasis on meteorology, Tom applies atmospheric, solar, and other predictive natural variance metrics to financial market sectors in real time.  As a former project manager developing franchise weather departments and Journalist for The World Around Us and Markets, Tom employs fundamental and technical analysis, behavioral finance principles, and predictive natural variance metrics to generate optimal returns.

Richard Puleo, Esquire


In the last 40 years Rich Puleo has had an ownership interest in: Hotels, Office buildings, Apartment complexes, Warehouses, Storage Garages, Mobile Home Parks, Raw land held for development, Residential & Commercial housing, and land development projects in numerous states throughout the U.S.  As a former IRS Attorney and Associate Chief Counsel for Internal Revenue Service, Rich uses his expertise in tax law to devise strategies to maximize after-tax returns for investors.

David Gress: Portfolio Manager


 With a Masters in Finance from Vanderbilt, DJ’s thesis examined evolving market efficiency and its relation to behavioral finance.  He researched how market “noise” has changed over time and which components of variation might be overlooked as “noise”.  As an entrepreneur, he founded ProGress Industries LLC and New Foundations Recovery Housing LLC.  Valuing abstract technology and uncertain projects provided him with experience creating models with quantitative and qualitative inputs.

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