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Weather Shares LLC understands nature, predicting its influence on consumer behavior, markets, and the economy

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Our investment choices are made in real time, supported by academic peer reviewed research and our own  specialized insights

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Weather Sensitive Securities


Follow the securities that we analyze - the ones impacted most by changes in weather, solar, and other natural processes in the world around us  

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Follow important themes and insights  as we analyze the long term influence of the sun on the pace of human activity, and stay up to date on the impact of current global weather conditions weather information investment data

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 Meet The Weather Shares LLC Team

With experience in meteorology, finance, and psychology, we bring a unique, holistic approach to valuing our positions

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We are always excited to talk about what we do.  If you have questions about who we are, our methodology, or our journey as a firm, here's how you can reach us.

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The Weather Watchlist

This watchlist consists of a group of stocks we follow and may or may not be invested in any given day.  For more information, please see The Wachlist page.

The Watchlist

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